Fast Facts

Fast Facts

When is Healthy Lands Week?

In 2024, Pennsylvania Healthy Lands Week runs from National Public Lands Day on September 28 through A Walk in Penn’s Woods Day on October 6.

Who can participate in Healthy Lands Week?

Pennsylvanians of all ages!

What kinds of activities can we do to help during Healthy Lands Week?

Expand your knowledge about Pennsylvania’s natural environment, cultural diversity, and rich history by taking part in a learning session or webinar.

Be a park or forest user, museum visitor, culture lover! Go out and play, see, create, experience, and enjoy what Pennsylvania’s healthy lands have to offer.

Do you part to keep Pennsylvania’s lands, healthy lands – volunteer, practice Leave No Trace, pick up litter, plant for pollinators, stop the spread of invasive species, honor our heritage, respect our diversity.

Where do Healthy Lands Week events take place?

Your favorite places – trails, parks, waterways, forests, conservancy properties, museums, points of interest, and many other locations across the Commonwealth.

How can I get involved with Healthy Lands Week?

Visit our event page to find an event near you!