Fast Facts

Fast Facts

When is Healthy Lands Week?

In 2024 – September 28 to October 6

Healthy Lands Week is a statewide initiative to strengthen volunteer activities and raise awareness of stewardship of public lands. Through clean-up and beautification events, invasive species removal and maintenance projects, volunteer recognition, and other initiatives, it is an annual “rallying cry” for public stewardship of public lands, parks and open spaces in Pennsylvania. Participate in an event to learn more about recreational, historic, or cultural opportunities in the Commonwealth. This impactful event takes place annually from National Public Lands Day through A Walk in Penn’s Woods Day

Who can participate in Healthy Lands Week?

Pennsylvanians of all ages! 

What kinds of activities can we do to help during Healthy Lands Week?

Plant a tree, paint a park bench, clear trail debris, remove invasive plants, clean up litter, or other volunteer activities that improve our natural, shared public spaces. Take part in a learning session or webinar to find helpful resources for getting outside and getting involved.

Where do Healthy Lands Week events take place?

Your favorite places – trails, parks, waterways, forests, or conservancy properties.

How can I get involved with Healthy Lands Week?

Visit our event page to find an event near you!